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The other emolument clause

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The other emolument clause

I know there are articles and litigation on the so called "Emoluments" clause also know as the "Nobility clause". This thread is about the other emolument clause which I quoted above. If there are cases dealing with this or current articles I can't find them. I am new to this forum. I tried to find existing threads on this or any emolument clause. If it was right there in front of my face, I apologize. I'm 70 years old a little hard of hearing and hard of seeing.
Anyway, please someone with more knowledge than my own please tell me what this clause means. First at the end of the clause are the words, "or any of them." I read that to mean any of the individual states in the union. Second does this clause not absolutely limit the compensation to be received by the President to be a (or the) Compensation not to be increased nor diminished during his term of election.

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06-11-2017 14:51:31


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