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History of the world.

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History of the world.

The history of the world is noted mainly by wars, not philosophers. The history of Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, the New World  and all are noted by wars. The works of the great philosophers are spread by those who make war. The philosophers of those cultures that are erased in war are mostly forgotten.
Progress, social development, may be marked by science. It is science applied to war that changed history. So still war is the determining factor. The science of the conquerors is retained. Greed?  A main factor, yes. Countries did not put a lot of effort in conquering countries that had no valuable assets. Hunger for power? Control? Destiny?
Wars determine the language in many instances.  The Spanish and Portuguese influenced the New World of Central and South American profoundly. The people have lost their native languages and celebrate foreign holidays, religions, calendars and lifestyles. If these conquered countries had great philosophers or philosophies they are mostly lost.

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